Percona Server for MySQL 5.7 Installation on Centos 7

By | 16 March 2018

In this article, i will talk about installation the MySQL service on Centos 7. Firstly, run installation commands;

yum install -y
yum install Percona-Server-server-57 Percona-Server-client-57.x86_64 Percona-Server-devel-57.x86_64 -y

After installation, we need root’s password. So, run this comand for password;

grep "temporary password" /var/log/mysqld.log

The last word is our password: [8)13ftQG5OYl] We get output as this;

2018-03-16T07:09:49.796912Z 1 [Note] A temporary password is generated for root@localhost: 8)13ftQG5OYl

Then, we connect to the Mysql service.

mysql -uroot -p"8)13ftQG5OYl"

If our password is not very strong, we have to change “Password Validate Policy”;

SET GLOBAL validate_password_policy=LOW;

Now, we can change root’s password;


Then, we will restart Mysql service.

service mysql restart

New password is defined for root user.

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